Snowy Pines Headband

Honestly, when I designed this pattern there WAS snow on the ground! It was February and it was COLD! Somehow life got away from me though, and here it is May already. Enough said about my tardiness. It might be … Read More

Winterwork Shawl – A Warm Shawl for a Cold Winter

‘Winter is coming!’ has become quite the catch phrase since the advent of the popular HBO program Game of Thrones. Thankfully, when winter comes to Upstate New York, I will be prepared with a new shawl. The Winterwork Shawl is … Read More

New Website…New Pattern Style!

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I am loving the clean, minimalist look of my new website. I hope you do too! So, in keeping with new look, I have begun the process of going through my previously published patterns and revamping them to mirror the … Read More