Spring Runoff Scarf

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Spring Runoff Scarf

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn, and it throws you for a loop. It then takes a while to grow accustomed to the changes wrought by that turn, but we all eventually adapt, accept and learn to love life again. We, at Apiary Knits, are working through such a life altering turn. After a long winter, spring and soon to be summer have helped to lighten our mood and get us back on track – forever changed, but moving forward.

This pattern is dedicated in memory of Joe – my sweetheart of many years, awesome dad to his son, Jedd, and loving stepdad to my daughter, Anna. Joe was an exceptionally talented carpenter and musician. and the lace tipped arcs on this scarf remind me of his saw blades which are now sadly silenced. Joe was known for his quick smile and genuine caring for people. He also had a offbeat (dare I say ‘different’!) sense of humor which left us raising our eyebrows on more than one occasion and saying ‘What?!?…’ He is dearly missed and will live in our hearts and memories always. So it seems appropriate that certain elements of our first pattern since his departure, remind us so much of him.

Worked in a sport weight yarn, the Spring Runoff Scarf is all at once quirky and a bit whimsical, a hint Victorian or maybe artsy depending upon how you style it.

Spring Runoff is worked in one piece from end to end utilizing short rows to create wedges which in turn create arcs. The right side of the work alternates as each arc is worked in the opposite direction. The lace edging is worked simultaneously. If you’ve done basic short rows in garter stitch before, this will be an easy knit. There is no picking up of wraps and the pattern is easily memorized.Spring Runoff Scarf

I chose Malabrigo Arroyo in the Borrajas (purple) colorway for a bright pop of color. However, after working a swatch in some leftover Reflecting Pool (teal) that I had on hand, I ended up liking the Reflecting Pool colorway in the swatch just as  much, so ended up working a 2nd sample with my leftover skeins!

Full pattern details for the Spring Runoff Scarf can be found here.