Spring Runoff Scarf

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn, and it throws you for a loop. It then takes a while to grow accustomed to the changes wrought by that turn, but we all eventually adapt, accept and learn to love life again. … Read More

Tulip Lea Shawl

It’s finally beginning to look like summer here in Upstate New York. So what better time is there for a flowery, feminine shawl? Please welcome the Tulip Lea Shawl. Worked in a fingering weight yarn, Tulip Lea is light, lacey … Read More

Heirloom Cultivar Shawl

Fall is in the air and while it’s still warm during the day, the night air has a chill to it now. Yes, fall is making its presence known, and while a chill in the air might not be my … Read More

Thoreau’s Pond Shawl

Summer is nearly here on the calendar although by the weather here, you would be hard pressed to say it isn’t summer already. The grass and trees are a lush green, full of energy and life. Birds are chirping, bullfrogs … Read More

Back Roads Hat

Should you decide to take a stroll down ‘The Road Not Taken’, make sure you go in style with the Back Roads Hat. With lots of twists and turns all its’ own, the Back Roads Hat proves to be one … Read More

Honeybee Cap and Beret

The Honeybee Cap and Beret are abuzz with a swarm of delightful little slip-stitch bees. Ascending from a mock honeycomb border atop a twisted rib brim, the bees take flight into a tight spiral at the crown of each hat. … Read More