Winterwork Shawl – A Warm Shawl for a Cold Winter

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Winterwork Shawl‘Winter is coming!’ has become quite the catch phrase since the advent of the popular HBO program Game of Thrones. Thankfully, when winter comes to Upstate New York, I will be prepared with a new shawl.

The Winterwork Shawl is my second shawl that I have designed bottom up. I don’t see that many designs worked this way, but I, for one, like it. The long cast-on and long rows start right away when you have all that enthusiasm and energy for a new knit project. Then it’s all downhill from there as every other row you decrease stitches until you have but five stitches left. A quick little bit of Kitchener stitch and voila! You are done!Winterwork Shawl

Winterwork Shawl is also full of lovely texture. It starts with a simple ribbed pattern and then transitions into a wider border with what looks like an intricate stitch pattern. Actually, this pattern is a deceptively simple mix of cable, knit and purl stitches. The placement of each is what creates this attractive pattern. Finally, the shawl transitions into a field of slipped stitch cables making for a relaxing knit as you near completion of the project. The combination of these three distinct patterns catch the light and the shadow play that results only serves to enhance the visual textures.

I chose Cascade Yarn’s Eco Cloud heavy worsted weight yarn for this shawl. It is made with 70% Undyed Merino Wool and 30% Undyed Baby Alpaca and is created in a chain stitch fashion rather than twisted. This makes for an incredibly soft yarn with lots of substance. Perfect for a shawl to wrap up in when the temperatures take a sudden dip.

So, if you’ve got a chill, I’ve got the solution. For full pattern details, click here.