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Rifle Peak Hat

First it’s hot, then it’s cold. It feels like it’s freezing, but it’s not. What it is, is ¬†autumn. ¬†Since I feel like I am freezing though, that means I need to knit extra warm things! Simple things to... Read More

Rosedale Park Hat

What better day to release a pattern featuring a delectable, rich shade of red than on Valentine’s Day? Thank you Malabrigo Yarns, for your talents in dying to bring us a shade like Pagoda. I’m in love, how about... Read More

Celtic Roots Scarf

I’ve got some more cables for you cable lovers out there – just in time for fall knitting! Fall is a great time for all sorts of fun activities – amongst them is knitting, of course! So, grab a... Read More

Flint Hill Hat

It’s almost July 1st…just a few more hours and it is HOT!! The thermometer topped 90 degrees Fahrenheit today. So what do I do? I publish a winter hat pattern, of course! Say hello to the Flint Hill Hat.... Read More