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Lochmoor Mitts

This summer has turned out to be quite rainy, hot, humid and sticky. Even my garden is beginning to say enough is enough already! It’s gotten tough to think about knitting unless you have AC, but I keep telling... Read More

Lochmoor Headband

Another shout-out to cable lovers! I’ve got a cabled treat for you! There’s plenty of headband season still left here in the Northeastern USA (70 degrees a couple of days past, now 20!), so I couldn’t resist designing another... Read More

Pocket Hens

Looking for a fun knit? Maybe with a tiny bit of crochet thrown in? Maybe even a little sewing? You’re not chicken, are you? If not, then meet the ladies; the gals that belong to the Pocket Hen flock!... Read More

Fair Lane Hat

Spring will soon be here, but I’m sure we have more frosty days to come! It’s still a great time for hat knitting. After all, it only takes a couple of evenings to knit a nice, warm hat. So,... Read More