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Cinnamon Swirl Scarf

Need some large squooshy cables to cuddle up in? Looking for nearly instant gratification using larger needles and cozy yarn? I’ve got you!! Stay snuggly warm when you knit my latest pattern release, Cinnamon Swirl Scarf. This scarf pattern... Read More

Rifle Peak Hat

First it’s hot, then it’s cold. It feels like it’s freezing, but it’s not. What it is, is ¬†autumn. ¬†Since I feel like I am freezing though, that means I need to knit extra warm things! Simple things to... Read More

Rosedale Park Hat

What better day to release a pattern featuring a delectable, rich shade of red than on Valentine’s Day? Thank you Malabrigo Yarns, for your talents in dying to bring us a shade like Pagoda. I’m in love, how about... Read More

Celtic Roots Scarf

I’ve got some more cables for you cable lovers out there – just in time for fall knitting! Fall is a great time for all sorts of fun activities – amongst them is knitting, of course! So, grab a... Read More