Pattern Support

All of my patterns have been professionally tech edited and test knit to check for errors, but as we are all human, I realize that sometimes there may be questions on a knitter’s part or that an error may have slipped through our careful checks.

I am always happy to assist with any pattern that you experience confusion or difficulty with. So, if you have questions, or believe that you have found an error, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can most easily reach me via the Contact Form on this website, message me on Ravelry (my username is ApiaryKnits), leave a post in my Apiary Knits Group on Ravelry, or convo me on Etsy (my shop name is ApiaryKnits).

I make every attempt to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.


Sometimes, as noted above, despite our best efforts some little faux pas manages to slip through and onto a published pattern. If you find that something looks amiss with your pattern (and you didn’t just download it moments beforehand), first check to make sure you have the current version.

The current version information can be found on each pattern page on this website (see example below).** If you purchased your pattern before the date noted as the current version, download a fresh copy from your original point of purchase (Ravelry or Etsy) and see if the instructions have been updated. I immediately issue an update for a pattern any time that errata is discovered by myself or reported to me. If the instructions have not changed, and you are still having issues, please contact me (as noted above) and we will work through your issue.

Sample Pattern Info

**Please note that a more recent version date does not necessarily mean that errata exists for a given pattern. There are times when I am merely updating the format or layout of my patterns to bring them in line with newer patterns.

Helpful Resources

Following are links to sites that I have found to contain helpful knitting information, tutorials and/or instructions. (I have no personal or professional affiliation with the sites listed and only include them in my list based on the merits of the information that I feel they contain.) Several of these sites contain instructions for techniques that my patterns employ and are definitely worth a visit when you need more than just a stitch glossary explanation of a given technique.

  • KnittingHelp – Features a wonderful assortment of how-to videos for working various stitches, increases, decreases, casting on, binding off, and much more. Many of these videos are filmed for both English and Continental-style knitting. A must bookmark resource!
  • TECHknitting – Another excellent resource, TECHknitting features excellent written instruction on many techniques accompanied by clear photos or color-coded line drawings. The site is geared more towards intermediate level knitters or those willing to be a bit daring or adventurous.