Lochmoor Mitts

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Lochmoor Mitts Backs

This summer has turned out to be quite rainy, hot, humid and sticky. Even my garden is beginning to say enough is enough already! It’s gotten tough to think about knitting unless you have AC, but I keep telling myself to enjoy the warmth because it will slip away before we know it. It’s already July and cooler knitting temps are only a couple of months away.

After my last release of Lochmoor Headband, I still had some delectable Madelinetosh yarn left over, so I thought what better way to make use of it than to add a set of companion mitts.

These mitts are a generous length, offering greater finger coverage as well as nice long cuffs to keep out any drafts.

Lochmoor Mitts Hands on Fence RailThe backs of the Lochmoor Mitts feature the same 4-ply plait that is found on the back of the Lochmoor Headband and is even mirror imaged on each mitt! The ribbing is a 2/1 ribbing which allows the cable to very neatly transition into and out of  the ribbing.

This pattern is a relatively quick knit with an easy to memorize cable stitch pattern. It features complete written line by line instructions – no chart for this one!

I hope you enjoy this design!

Full pattern details for the Lochmoor Mitts